Friday, 2 November 2012

We all have our 'Mo'ments

Movember. Official month to grow a Mo for a good cause - men's health. (

For someone who's not a big fan of facial hair, I've decided to keep a moustache for the month of November to support a cause. A cause that is not as widely spoken about as some of other health issues.
I feel a lot of men ignore a lot of signs early on and keep pushing back/ignoring these clues to get a health check done regularly. Admittedly, it's simply not a thing we'd readily put on our smartphone reminders eagerly. No matter what kind of physical activity you are in, what diet you follow, it sometimes pays to go to a doctor and get a health check done.

Last time I grew a Mo was in 2009 for the same reason - supporting Movember. Truth be told, I didn't have a clue how one goes about cultivating a Mo. I was aware that it takes time, a lot of patience and getting used to a lot of tickling around the lips before one can go proudly strutting that Mo. Of course, the direction and growth of your facial hair also influences what sort of Mo you'd want to keep.
I went for the handlebar.

Not a bad effort for a first timer I thought.

I am doing it again in 2012, but I may be experimenting a bit with the Mo, depending on how much I can look after it over 4 weeks.

Much as my wife prefers my clean shaven face, she wholly supports my idea of growing a Mo because she appreciates the cause it stands for. She lost the first important man in her life, her father, to prostrate cancer a few years back and would like to raise the level of awareness about men's health.

This year along with doing it for the actual cause, I also have another reason to do this.
My 1.5 year old boy. I want to make sure I stay in good health and get the appropriate checks done so that I can be around to see him to grow up into a fine man.

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