Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Back to the future...

No, this is not the popular movie series starring Michael J.Fox with his unmistakable swagger and those "wide as an owl" eyes!

This is more of a self-realised experience, courtesy the public transport in Melbourne.(Side note: People have constantly retaliated that "its better to have a public transport than not having one", but that does not mean the public transport providers can get away with anything)

Over the last few weeks that I have stuck to catching the "mode of mass transit" to get to work, I have come to realise that I time-travel with Connex (the public transport service here).For instance, I catch the 8.17 a.m. city loop from my station (assume Station A) to get to the city. I arrive at one station on the city loop (Station B) by 8.36 a.m and hope that I can catch the 8.39 to my final destination (Station C). Instead, when I catch the 8.17 (which arrives at 8.19) and reach Station B at 8.36, I can comfortably (and more often than not) get on the 8.26 from Station B. Now, there's a catch here. If I catch the 8.26 technically, I should get to Station C by 8.52, but by some strange occurrence, I get to station C at 9.08 (which would have been alright if I catch the 8.49 from Station B).

Check out a quick diagram I whipped up to explain this.

Between all this, I can manage to read a few pages of a book and then some more (because I gain 10 minutes in transit?), watch the world go by, count the number of non-black wearing Melburnians (topic for another post) and get that feeling of deja-vu...again.

Meanwhile, check out this amazing blog by Phin for the latest in public transport, Melbourne

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Phin said...

Thanks Swapnil... love Back to the Future! Wouldn't mind a Delorian either.