Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The (Great Indian) Soap-Opera

Been subjected to a number of soaps (both the telly and the bathing kinds) since childhood, I’ve often fantasised about directing a soap-opera, where the soaps are the real stars. Sounds childish and corny. I know. But hey, what the heck.
Creativity should have no bars (no pun intended).

So here goes…

Sabun family

Hamam as Bade Bhaiyya
The straight-forward bro. You always have one in the family. He may be bitter, he may be of strong opinions, but he is honest and he is consistent. Nothing changes for him ever.
Like the Neem Soap.

Lifebuoy at Pappaji
The no-nonsense stern patriarch. Goes about his business, takes care of and feeds the family. Warm embrace and clean image.
Does what a father ought to do. Protect. Safeguard.

Little wonder the jingle goes “Lifebuoy hain jahan, tandoorasti hain wahan”.
Cinthol Lime as Chutki
The quintessential quirky teenager in the family. Fresh, young and vibrant. Perky, zesty and rebellious.
Remember Preity Zinta under the waterfall in the advert?
Dettol as Dadaji
Build to last. They just don't make them like him anymore.
Healthy, vigorous lifestyle. Can more than stand his own.
Often seen as a shining light and a guiding force against all enemies.
Mysore Sandalwood as Amir Chacha
Comes around once a year, usually around Diwali, bringing good tidings, fragrant airs and lots of loving.
Gift bearer, warm natured and nice smelling.

Lux as Maa
Comforting. Always there for you.
Displays a range of emotions, but understands you like no one else. So popular that a number of filmstars often endorse her being.
Pears as Badi Chachi
Popular, good looking and a big show-off. Carries herself well and loves to please everyone.
Welcome anytime, but visits as rare as a mongoose sighting.

Handmade variety soap as Didi
Individual, quirky and always there for you. Like Maa, comes in a range of emotions - very interesting some of them.
Everyone wants one and is usually loved by the masses (as well as the classes).
(Images courtesy Google images)

An old tattered shopping bag in the pantry. A little boy is looking with his wide hazelnut coloured eyes at the wide collection of soaps in the shopping bag. He wants to pick one up but cannot make up his mind, so he scampers off to look for his Mom to help him decide.

Meanwhile, in the Sabun family down in the shopping bag, all the family members are scared of losing a family member. Which one will it be this time? The family has seen such disappearances before, but this time around, they are adamant of not losing anyone. They have run out of ideas to outwit these humans, but when all hope is lost, they sight a bottle of bodywash tucked in the corner of the shopping bag…

What happens next? How do they get the young boy to pick the bottle of bodywash and spare the Sabun family members…

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